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1799 Crucible manufacturer Johann Heinrich Gundlach runs a furnace for making crucibles
1843 Crucible manufacturer Christoph Gundlach produces crucibles with five workers and supplies to Prussia, Hannover, Belgium, Holland and France
1867 The three brothers Ludwig, Gideon and August Gundlach found the company “Gundlach-Bros.” for the production of graphite crucibles
1896 Foundation of the Facing Brick Company Großalmerode, later Aug. Gundlach. Proprietor is August Gundlach. Mechanical production of crucibles and facing bricks.
1918 Death of the company founder, August Gundlach.
1919 The new managing director, Möller concentrates his efforts on winning back the markets lost during World War I
1945 - 1948 After the death of the managing director, the trustee, Mr. Döring runs the company
1948 - 1952 Dr. H. Lichtenberg is Managing Director
1952 - 1985 Mr. Wolfgang Baetz is Managing Director
1959 MARS GLOBAL CRUCIBLE CO in Beckenham, Great Britain is established as distributor
1961 Construction of a new hall and first tests with isostatic pressing. Installation of first isostatic pressing machine.
1964 Begin of isostatic pressing as regular production method
1964 Die weltweit ersten Tiegel werden isostatisch hergestellt und erfolgreich eingesetzt. Das isostatische Tiegel-Pressverfahren wird für Aug. Gundlach KG patentiert.
1966 German and international patents for isostatic pressing method
1973 Construction of a new hall for the production of SiC-crucibles by isostatic pressing.
1978 Aug. Gundlach establishes a production of isostatically pressed crucibles under licence in America with M/s. Ferro Corportion, Buffalo/US (today Vesuvius)
1981 Takeover of KARL SCHMIDT Fabrik für Gießereibedarf, Schmitten
1985 Death of Wolfgang Baetz
Albrecht Gräfer becomes Managing Director
1990 Takeover of Mammut-Wetro, Puschwitz
1991 Takeover of Prokon Feuerfest, Schloß-Holte
1992 Aug. Gundlach is the first German crucible manufacturer who replaces the traditional
tar/pitch binder by resin. Resin as a synthetic binder ensures a constant quality and above all less pollution during manufacture and application
1994 Joint Venture with the only crucible manufacturer of Russia – MARS LUGA
1996 Quality Assurance Certification DIN-ISO 9002 with Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance
2000 Construction of a new production hall for the PROKON products such as exchange crucibles for induction furnaces, exchange ladles, pre-burned shaped parts and patching and repair materials
2008 Construction of another new production hall according to modern environmental and energy saving requirements
2011 Moritz Gräfer appointed Managing Director

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