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Aug. Gundlach KG


 Aug. Gundlach KG

Aug. Gundlach is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of crucibles

Apart from clay graphite and silicon carbide crucibles for non-ferrous metals the Aug. Gundlach group also supplies quarzite- and spinel crucibles for grey iron and steel casting.

The standard production programme includes all types of crucibles for Aluminium, copper and precious metal castings. The sizes reach from 29 up 1600 mm height and a diameter up to 950 mm.

The range of accessories starts with stands, muffle rings, nozzles for continuous casting and reaches up to pyrometer tubes, plungers, degassing lances and ladle bowls.

Production and distribution of the entire production programme has been
certified with DIN ISO 90001:2000 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.
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