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Aug. Gundlach KG


 past & present

The town of Großalmerode is known for its natural deposits of clay all over the world and it was the place from where already hundreds of years ago clay crucibles were supplied to German, European and overseas foundries. Großalmerode and its industry in those times enjoyed the favour of the different landgraves, one of which conferred the status of a town on Großalmerode in the year 1775.

The history of refractory ceramics is just as old as the art of casting. Großalmerode is the home of crucible manufacture since the 16th century and the ancestors of the Gundlach family played an important role in it. In modern history, however, there have been some decisive developments of the crucible technology at Aug. Gundlach KG.
The Aug. Gundlach KG is presently employing about 100 people in the mother company. More than 75% of the production is exported to foundries world-wide.

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Together with its own sales agencies and representations Gundlach has built up strong international compound.
To the Gundlach-Group international compound means using the strong points of each of the independent companies. By an exchange of experience, common training of employees, joint purchase and sales activities, as well as an intelligent combination of assortments the group is able to offer a wide range of products. All these advantages ensure a constant quality and a progressive technological development which does not only result in improving existing products, but also in the invention of new products.
A wide range of products, complementary to each other, provides a constant and reliable quality and a very good service. Customers in more than 78 countries are supplied with refractories, ceramics and foundry materials produced by the Gundlach Group.


The range of products begins with a 30 g crucible for the melting of gold up to a 5 ton crucible. Crucibles are available for all kinds and sizes of furnaces, accessories like nozzles for continuous casting, stoppers, launders, plungers and ladle bowls, as well as degassing machines for light metal casting, pyrometer tubes etc. and last but not least special products to drawing complete the assortment.


Boron carbide
Boron nitride
Silicon carbide
Silicates and alumina silicates
Titanium oxide and titanates
Zirconium oxide

Fields of application

Fittings construction
Automobile industry
Electronic and semiconductor technics
Electrical engineering
Foundries for iron and non-ferrous metals
Laboratory instruments construction
Engineering construction
Engine construction
Textile machine construction
Tool and machine tool construction


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