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Instructions for the correct use of MARS Graphite and Silicon Carbide Crucibles

New ceramic crucibles must be brought to working temperature before their first use, i.e. whilst still empty. MARS ISOMELT / MARS uniCstar crucibles should be
heated-up quickly to red heat.
Contrary to that MARS GLOBAL Graphite crucibles must be heated-up slowly to
dark red heat and then quickly to bright red heat.
Tongs, carrying clamps etc must be constructed in such a way, that the jaws evenly fit around the circumference of the crucible and thus avoid uneven pressure.
Do not wedge the material into the crucible! Take care that there is always a little space left between the metal and the wall of the crucible, so that the material can expand during heating. The coefficient of expansion of the metal is higher than that of the crucible material.
Ingots and larger pieces of metal should be preheated if possible, and then placed carefully into the crucible with tongs. Pieces must never be dropped into the crucible!
The crucible has to be emptied completely every night. No metal residues must be allowed to freeze in the crucible.
Take care that the crucible is always full of metal, otherwise the upper part of the walls can oxidize and this may result in cracks.
When using fluxes, be careful that these do not have direct contact with the crucible material. Pouring should be done shortly after the fluxes have been added. Never overdose fluxes!
As soon as the metal has reached pouring temperature, casting should be done immediately. Otherwise the life of the crucible may be reduced.
When casting is finished, every slag adhering to the inner surface must be removed, whilst the crucible is still hot. This cleaning process must be done carefully, avoiding any damage to the crucible material. Use suitable cleaning tools only!


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